Monday, January 3, 2011

This Week In Non-House Hugh Laurie: All Or Nothing At All

Something that I didn't realize blogging is that it's very similar to working out. If you don't keep it up on a consistent basis, you tend to lose the motivation to keep doing it at all. I can't believe I've breezed through two weeks without one little complaint. I've got to get the blood flowing again. I'd make a New Year's resolution but by now we all know that's pretty much the only sure-fire way of guaranteeing that a person won't do something.

So instead I'll just get back into the swing of things with this week's Non-House Hugh Laurie. This time we find Hugh Laurie taking a darker tone in the mini-series All or Nothing at All. He plays a con man named Leo Hopkins whose addiction to the game starts taking its toll on him. It actually sounds like an interesting little tale, and if you're feeling bored it appears that you can actually watch the program in its entirety on YouTube.

What I'd like to show you, however, is an experiment in your powers of prediction. Begin watching the following clip from the 0:16 mark through the 0:30 mark. Then, take some time and predict where the story will have taken you by the 1:30 mark. Got a guess? OK go ahead and play the clip from that point.

Ha! Bet you didn't know the train was getting of at this station! The funny thing is that even with the context of the connecting 60 seconds, I'm still not exactly sure how we get from glib Hugh Laurie to crazy 80's B-movie villain Hugh Laurie. I will say that I'm more intrigued to give All or Nothing at All a chance just to make some sense of it. Or, if anyone has already seen it, you're welcome to just tell me.


  1. You're right, it's tough getting going again--I've been away for about a month.

    No, that clip didn't go where I expected it. I look forward to hearing more about All or Nothing.

  2. About this little part :

    Leo does the tai-chi thing to relax himself.
    But he has just gotten too many problems on his mind and has to take it further then usual to try and get some release through it. Hence the getting naked outside part.
    To no avail: it all doesn't work and he ends up outing his frustrations and needing to blow off steam by the agressive air-boxing.

    In this longer youtube clip ,

    you can see some more, from before and after this scene.

  3. Tom...well you had a pretty good excuse since you were avoiding drowning in a flood in India.

    clat...thanks for the rundown on what was going on there. I think I need to see this miniseries it looks pretty good.